Paths to Private Practice

Learn about starting
your own practice.

Thursday, February 12, 2015
6:30 pm

If you are interested in opening your own private practice, we invite you to attend NIP's annual Paths to Private Practice workshop. At this workshop, a panel of NIP graduates will lead a lively and informative discussion on a wide range of issues. The panel will include therapists at different stages of their careers, therapists in both full and part-time private practice, therapists with other jobs, and therapists from a variety of backgrounds.

The event will be in a Q&A format, and will consider the following questions, plus the questions of participants:

  • Is private practice for me?
  • How do licensing laws affect me?
  • How do I get referrals?
  • What would I gain through institute affiliation?
  • How do I find an office?
  • How do I set fees?
  • Should I join managed care panels?  

For more information, please contact Amy Ronek, Director of Communications & Community Outreach at 646.783.7720 or