Integrative Trauma Colloquium: From Constriction to Flourishing: Restoring Resilience

Eileen Russell, PhD

April 25, 2013; 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

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The strength that may be derived from enduring pain, suffering, abuse or neglect is often far from obvious in the clinical realm. And yet, especially in working with trauma survivors, it is crucial to find pockets of strength, openness, and hope in order to lend the work traction, depth, and breadth.

This colloquium will explore new ways to look at and understand resilience, including our potential for it and our actual capacity, which are two different things. Through didactic material, discussion, and videotapes of live sessions, Dr. Russell will present some of the key ingredients of resilience, both when it occurs naturally and when it has to be learned, as well as a philosophy and some interventions that access it.

Eileen Russell, PhD, is senior faculty of the AEDP Institute Eileen Russell photoand is in private practice in New York City and New Jersey. She is also clinical faculty at NYU Medical/Bellevue Hospital Center.  Since 1996 she has studied, supervised, and taught AEDP locally and nationally, and is now writing about AEDP and awakening resilience in her forthcoming book: Restoring Resilience: Transformative Therapy at Work (Norton).